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Who owned my house?

Who owned my house?Who owned my house, who owned the property since it is built up and how many times it was resold are just some questions that come into ours minds when you consider purchasing a house. There are several questions in mind of the people regarding the clear title of their house property. House is such a valuable property as the owner has the emotional attachments with it. The main intension of any person is to have his own house property. A person can either purchase the fresh house property or can purchase it from second sale. In either case the title you purchase must be clear and it is important for every owner to know who owned my house previously.

Who owned my house before I owned the house property? It is of vital importance to have clear title of ownership deed of your house property. For this a great focus is to be given in order to find out the ex-owner or ex-owners of the said house property. You should collect the title or original documents of agreement of ownership from the previous owner of the said property. It is impossible to purchase any house property without the prior agreement records.

Special efforts are required to be undertaken in order to find out who owned my house. for this you can contact with the local building code office for old information of title. Visit the local records and the archive offices. The staff of these offices will be able to help you to find out the information about list of prior owners and the immediate prior owner of said house property. For older houses you can look for sales details and wills. Local assessor’s office clerks will assist you in finding out who owned my house.

There are some private detectives those will help you in finding out Who owned my house or the prior owner of your owned house. Taking assistance from reputable attorney is the best and legal way to find out the ex-owner’s of the same house property. There are some companies those have updated records of property title where you can find the history ownership titles of a particular house property. however you are charged a fee amount ranging from $30 to $50 but they the research can also be done personally through public land records.

You can visit the court of house and ask for the copy of ownership deed. You can even visit to local news paper to look for any archives for any reported fires or crimes in the house. There are several ways to find out who owned my house before your ownership. One more effective way of finding out the prior owner of house property is the internet search. Online database of property title history helps a lot in finding out the whole history of title ownership of a particular house property.

Search through internet for who owned my house is the best way to find out the prior owner of house property. You have gives the detailed address and the location of house property so that you can find out the history of that house since it is built. It also provides the land title of the house property.

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