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Property title search

Property title searchHouse Property Title search is necessary as it is the most important document. It is termed as the bundle of rights in a piece of house property. It is a legal deed that is used to assign the ownership of real property. Title of any house property forms the foundation of contract between the seller and purchaser of the house property. It proves the ownership of a piece of house property. In all Title is the most important document. If you are interested in buying any house property for any purpose it is utmost important to do Property title search as without original title deed it is impossible to sale or purchase the house property.

How to undertake title search? What is Property title search? A title search is the most important process of investigation of a house property history. Property title search is performed when property parcel is being imparted to the new ownership. Property investigator views and investigates relevant legal records for any irregularities and variances with the property.

Property title search is the crucial activity and it is good if it is done with proper channel. Property investigators can be approached in such case. He is the one who has right to check all legal records for any variances or irregularities with the specific property which is being imparted to new ownership. Never purchase a house property without proper Property title search.

Property title search includes the investigation of various records such as title report summery page, deed copy, mortgage search, equity loan search, state lien search, federal lien search, municipal lien search, child support lien search, tax lien search, treasury lien search, mechanics lien search, foreclosure and tax sale status search, judgment search against the current house owner, foreclosure and tax sale judgment search, civil court search against the current owner, tax payment search, bankruptcy search, tax assessor report, legal description, zoning, Pin no, home appraisal estimate, last sale information, comparative property analysis, previous owner deed, copy of important documents, previous owner mortgage search, etc.

After collecting the detail information about various searches mentioned above regarding Property title search, the investigator prepare a final report where he provide possible liens those are outstanding such as taxes, mortgages, mechanic’s, and other assessments are stated. This report is known as an ‘Abstract of Title’ and this is most important document which is required by real estate law in case of transferring of ownership title.

Property title search undertaken by the investigator is important as the abstract of such investigation is required by the mortgage company of banks or financial institutions before they approve the loan. This is the most important document and you should take the assistance of reliable and reputed investigator. For such a valuable service they may charge you from 30 dollar to 50 dollar, but they can also be done personally. Property title search is the most convenient way of securing from buying a shady property or the property that does not have a clear title. Investigators or attorneys have right to sign on the ‘Abstract of Title’.

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