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How old is my house?

How old is my house?Most of the people want to find out how old is my house for several reasons. So how do you find out the age of your house property? Finding out the age of your house property can be fascinating. Most of the houses have been added to as well as changed over the years. Few houses retail all the original features. Discovering the history of your house property provide insight of the lives of owners. It is difficult to pinpoint the birthday of house property or to find out how old is my house unless a house is brand new.

It is really difficult and challenging job to find out how old is my house. Houses are not built all in one piece. It is seen that rooms are added, roofs are raised porches are redesigned or additions are built occasionally. Even written records of construction and records of renovation can be confusion as well as conflicting in order to state the age of house property. If the house is brand new then it is easy to find out how old is my house? In order to find out the age of your house or birth date of your property you can look at various evidence and balance out the different aspects.

The first stop to find out age of your house property or how old is my house is look at the title deeds. In case of mortgage deeds you can check these with the bank those are in held of mortgage papers. Visit to local library or the local records office to collect the local old maps where you can trace out the age of your house property. Asking neighbors may provide you the helpful information. The architectural styles can be judged to find out the birth of your house. The building techniques and the materials used to build a house helps you to decide the age of house.

You can visit the tax assessor, where you can find the list of persons who owned the property with date mentioned over it. Country registrar’s office can be visited to see the tract index of the house. local newspapers, census records, city directories, phone books, family bibles, genealogies, insurance records, city plans, country record of deeds, local library, census records, local court house, feasibility study, wills and probate records, etc will help in finding out how old is my house.

Searching online is the best and time saving way to find out how old is my house. You can even search the age of your house through news papers. If you have no internet facility at home or if you are not able to provide time in searching for house age you can consult the private detectives or companies those offer services in find out the address search, title search, etc. however you should know that these services might cost you a lot of money in offering you details about the house or property. you can actually search the database personally and you can find out the correct birth date as the database has regularly updated by local authorities for title and tax records. Such assistance made it easy to find out How old is my house.

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